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OneDayMore Polska
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Dlaczego OneDayMore?


We try not to miss any important need. The muesli that we offer must be DIVERSE.







This is why the wealth of ingredients is so important – we find the best of them and explain how they work.

Bogactwo składników


Our PACKAGING also stands out – a distinctive and handy tube with convenient locking. And since every detail is important, we also make sure that the information on the label is legible.

4 Naturalność

Our muesli is natural, healthy, and WITHOUT FLAVOR ENHANCERS. We use little or no sugar and salt. The ingredients we choose largely come from ECO FARMING.

We do our best to create unique mixes, which make up a nutritious and naturally delicious meal.


Jakość - KV


QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY! This is why all our employees strictly follow the Food Quality and Safety Policy.

In addition, we continuously CONTROL our ingredients and carefully check the quality of packaging and all batches of our muesli.

And it works! Our quality is confirmed by the following certificates:

BIO certificate. BRC certificate

and Food Quality and Safety Policy

Maliny miska orzechy
Maliny miska orzechy

IMAGINE that you have one more day and you
can use it as you like. You have 366 days in
the year – this is what you get with One Day More.
The way you start your day affects your entire year.
It is a sum of all weeks started with busy mornings.
We remember it on every stage of our work. This is why
One Day More gives you a tasty, natural and nutritious
start and more time for yourself.

10 minut

One more day for you – all our actions are driven by this principle. Your needs
are our priority, which is why we use handy packaging: a tube or a convenient
mug you can always have with you. We also care about broad availability of our
product and a maximum variety of ingredients used. All our mixes have been specially
designed, with carefully selected ingredients, so as to fully satisfy your needs. Change
the everyday rush for everyday balance and pleasure.



Contact us:

OneDayMore Sp. z o.o. sp. k.
ul. Nieszawska 1
61-021 Poznań, Poland


10 minut Z nami masz jeden dzień więcej. Z nami masz jeden dzień więcej.